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A-Aqua's products are in use in the Philippines humanitarian response.

Emergency relief items for providing safe drinking water have been the core business of A-Aqua since the beginning in 1985. We have earned a reputation for providing high quality products among the UN, the Red Cross family and other International organizations. Committed and persistent work with quick delivery times has made A-Aqua a leading supplier of drinking water supply systems to emergency and disaster relief situations in the world.

A-Aqua is involved in larger infrastructure projects for water and sanitation

A-Aqua has been a leading supplier of drinking water supply systems for emergency and disaster relief situations. A few years ago A-Aqua started applying its know-how to development projects such as Community Water Systems (CWS), Household water and School projects. This has been received with great interest in many countries.

A-Aqua is involved in the development of new products and technologies for the water and sanitation sectors, both for emergency situations as well as for more permanent use.


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